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VP PerformanceConsulting analyses the culture of an organisation and human behaviour from an organisational psychological perspective. An assessment of organisational culture - corporate and individual values -reflects the deeply embedded belief systems of an organisation, which  determine a company's performance, success or demise.

Vp PerformanceConsulting published a book FATAL COCKTAILS on people's decline in values in the corporate world and in private life, and its impact on the world. FATAL COCKTAILS is different to other books by explaining how a lack of responsibility is a driving factor for many different world problems. The proposition is based on principles, identified through research as significant for an enduring civilization. The book covers thirteen areas like enviromental issues, leadership, education, health, same-sex marriage, old age care and animal welfare.  

Our vision is a prosperous life for our next generations.

Our mission is to assist in changing people's thinking, attitude and behaviou in private life and at work. We are compassionate about people, our world and the future and to make the world a better place than it is now. We aim to make people think that everybody has to feel accoountable to make changes.    

Fredom & rights without responsibility are a fatal cocktail

Our ideology is that "Values are the Power of Performance". Throughout history, strong fundamental values have proven to be the driving forces for enduring societies, empires, economies and companies. Recent research and economists view fundamental values as vital for a company's sustainable success; and this is also true for the sustainability of our world with its people as a whole.  

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