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We encourage you to become aware about "What's going on in your company and life, and around the world".  
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and the book FATAL COCKTAILS

                   - perception

                   - change

                   - grows 

A book for everybody to read and to make changes

For everybody it is equally important to have a sound understanding of the decline in values today: corporate and employee values; employee attitudes towards company goals; level of customer service; an emphasis on short-tern wins over long-tern enduring plans for success.

With multinational companies, globalisation, the financial crises, wars and people 'on the move' around the world perceptions of what is personally important have changed - and so people's personal values.  

People in the workforce and in private life have to take time to reflect on the importante role of values and to live by them. 

Presentations and workshops based on the contents of FATAL COCKTAILS help organisations to improve their organisational culture: people have to feel responsible again for their actions. 

Organisations and individuals suffer because of human and financial losses, which were caused by others negligence. It happens all the time. This has to change. Corportaions and individuals have to be aware of the harm that a lack of responsibility brings to the world and its people, and become motivated to change.   


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