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 The world has been shaken by horrific disasters

... the decline of responsibility has emerged as the most significant factor for the world problems. This proposition is explored by comparing affairs and evils that we face today with the collapse of great ancient empires. 

Poeple say that they are fearful about the future. but the irony is that they created it. the only logical response to therir fessra is to find solutions to solve their problems - to change.aims to make people think about their behaviour and attitude and to inspire them to change. How our original Human Rights Acts have been misused for personal benefits while responsibility has rapidly declined, is fatal. 


- what Leaders in politics and the media wrote

"Fatal Cocktails takes us into the future by looking at the past...makes us think-can we do better to protect our future...we can all make it better..." - Barry Court, AM 

"Fatal Cocktails is correctly described as a polemic -a passionate exposition on the causes of the ills of the (probably Western) world with suggestion for change..." - Bill Hassell, MA, LLB, AM, JP

"Fatal Cocktails is a vital antidote for the too frequently served diet of big government and lack of personal responsibility..." - Robert Reid, Dir of Communications with the Australian Medical Ass.

Dr Nagel makes a strong case ...that people are in charge of their lives and that public money is used for ... further evelopment of the society as a whole. The book is a must read ... we should ... all ensure the place and rights of the individual in our society  are preserved. Dr Alan Eggleston, Former Senator of WA; Fellow of the Asia Research Centre, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy, WA

"Dr Nagel explores the importance of individual values, social responsibility, and culture in modern society from a refreshingly objective perspective..." - Ian Goodenough, MP; Federal Member for Moore

Fatal Cocktail is a powerful book warning of the frightening world we are creating individually and collectively. Greed and coldness is overtaking empathy and understanding and ... responsibility to the future generations. It's time that we make a difference and become responsible ... Russell Goodrick, Executive Producer MRG TV



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