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Strong fundamental values are not only the essence of human behaviour but also the key factors of an organisation to excel in its performance and to maintain sustainable success. Both, history as well as research show that the maintaining of strong fundamental values have maintained a prosperous economy of European countries for hundred of years and continuous growth and success of companies in our last century. However, the notion about the importance of fundamental values in organisations has not been recognised enough as a key factor for effective business performance.?

Even though the culture of an organisation appears to be gradually more accepted as another issue to look at when aiming to find efficient strategies for achieving better performance, the magnitude of organisational culture in relation to performance appears to be not properly understood and is still underestimated.

Do we have evidence that this broad social phenomena, which we call organisational culture, is important to achieve effective performance?

Looking at the Mercantilism of Spain at the 15 and 16th century, the culture and fundamental values were significant factors when Spain lost its wealth and power. In 1580 Spain had a great Empire? -a geographical?region from Brazil in the West to Macau in the East. Although, Spain was one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, she lost opportunities to become the world's leading nations in merchandise, mainly, because Spain?lacked of any centralised political institutions and of a solid central unifying authority to efficiently utilise the nation's resources.? Moreover, historians claim that with the change in population -emigration from Spain and immigration to Spain from other countries- somewhat, respect for human life, liberty and property, concern for the poor and the community and the sanctity of labour, strong fundamental values disappeared. Instead, the vacuum was filled with foreigners with little sense of loyalty to the country and even less commitment to its future.

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